Archiving Policy

Archiving Policy for "Odyssey of Academic Curiosity"


The purpose of this archiving policy is to ensure the long-term preservation and accessibility of the "Odyssey of Academic Curiosity" (Odyssey) website and its associated content. The Odyssey is a digital archive of scholarly work produced by students and faculty at the University of Pattoki. It includes a variety of content types, such as journal articles, book chapters, conference proceedings, and working papers.


This policy applies to all content published on the Odyssey website, including:

  • Journal articles
  • Book chapters
  • Conference proceedings
  • Working papers
  • Other scholarly works published by students and faculty at the University of Pattoki

Archiving Procedures

The Odyssey website is archived on a monthly basis using the following procedures:

  1. All content on the website is crawled and harvested using a web archiving robot.
  2. The harvested content is stored in a secure repository.
  3. The archived content is made publicly accessible through the Odyssey website.


The Odyssey is a permanent archive, and all content published on the website will be retained indefinitely.


The Odyssey website is publicly accessible and can be accessed at


All copyright in the content published on the Odyssey website is retained by the authors. Users of the Odyssey website are granted a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to access and use the content for scholarly and educational purposes.

Additional Provisions

  • The Odyssey Librarian is responsible for implementing and maintaining this archiving policy.
  • The Odyssey Librarian may update this policy from time to time as needed.
  • Any updates to this policy will be posted on the Odyssey website and will be effective immediately.