Licensing Policy

The licensing policy for "Odyssey of Academic Curiosity" is as follows:

  • Non-commercial use: You are free to use the book for non-commercial purposes, such as personal reading, research, or teaching. You can also share the book with others for non-commercial purposes, as long as you do not charge for it or make any changes to it.
  • Commercial use: If you want to use the book for commercial purposes, such as selling it, publishing it, or using it in a commercial product or service, you need to obtain a license from the author.

The author will review your request and determine if a license is appropriate. If a license is granted, the author will provide you with a license agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of the license.

Here are some examples of commercial use that would require a license:

  • Selling the book on a website or in a bookstore
  • Publishing the book in print or digital format
  • Using the book in a commercial product or service, such as an online course, tutorial, or video game
  • Translating the book into another language and selling it or publishing it

Here are some examples of non-commercial use that would not require a license:

  • Reading the book for personal enjoyment
  • Using the book in a research paper or thesis
  • Teaching the book in a class
  • Sharing the book with friends or colleagues for free

If you are unsure whether your intended use of the book requires a license, please contact the author.